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How do you feel at the mention of IRS, scared or relaxed? If you are relaxed, you must be in good standing where your tax is concerned, but if you are scared, you definitely owe the federal government, as described by IRS, some amount of money. Maybe you even owe the commonwealth of Pennsylvania some too in tax.

You do not have to be in denial, thinking your tax debts will just ‘go away’, or that the IRS will forget to claim what you owe. No, that will never happen! What you have to do is take some decisive steps that will take you out from debts. People get in tax debts as a result of some tough times they have been through. So you are not alone, but what distinguishes people that help them to overcome their circumstances and reduce their tax debts is the fact that they take positive actions in the right direction and their success was guaranteed. By ‘overcome their debts’, we mean these folks were eventually able to live their dreamed future, a life devoid of back tax debts.

What you need to do is get a tax attorney, who will guide you throughout the process involved in getting your tax issues resolved. You don’t have to walk it alone. Get that much needed help and be free.

Luckily we can help you with that. It will be our pleasure to stand by you in every step of your way towards a tax debt free future and will remain there until you are finally able to pay all you owe in back taxes. Give us a call today and we can begin the process together with our free consultation service.

If you are wondering who we are, then here is an introduction of our company. We are an experienced company of tax professionals with decades of experience in tax issues. Let us use our wise counsels and practiced skills to get you out of your back tax debts.

Do not wait till the IRS come to your door in Pittsburgh to start their collection process as that can be very embarrassing. Call our Pittsburgh office today at (215) 600-1474.

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Experience You Can Count On

Do you remember how you feel when you have delegated some of your numerous responsibilities to deputies, especially ones that you cannot deny are smarter than you? Yes, it can be a very great feeling when you consider that they will do better jobs than you can manage to accomplish. Of course, the envy side is there but that is not what we are talking about. You are confident that you will get a good quality on the job done. You can sleep comfortably. You can attend to other pressing needs. The quality of your life is made better.

That is how it feels when you have hired an experienced hand, tax lawyer or firm to handle your tax issues. The quality of your life is improved. The firm can actually handle a lot of situations for you ranging from advising on the position of your tax returns, negotiation of reductions for you, helping you with your claim of deserved refunds, and placing you in programs that will ensure you can pay your back tax debts overtime and conveniently.

However, whenever you are set to hire your lawyer of choice, you have to be very careful because there are many scammers out there who are only after your money. Ensure that you do your personal research on the company. You can start by checking verified third party sites like BBB, Trust pilot, Trust link and iVouch. You have to check how the company has treated their past clients. With such information, you can guess how they will treat you.

Then, the quality of the consultation service is very important. If the consultation service is very shoddy and rushed-through, please reconsider your option. After all, if the company does not understand your present financial situation, how can they be of any help? Be careful!
You should consider hiring us. We are proud to let you know that we run a winning team of professionals who work tirelessly to put smiles on the faces of our clients. We have an outstanding A+ in our BBB rating with over 173 positive ratings from happy customers. Contact us today and let our team of experienced lawyers, registered agents and CPAs help you.

The initial consultation usually takes about 15 minutes within which, we are able to evaluate your present financial situation and also proper solutions to your issues.

Negotiating an Offer in Compromise

A handful of citizens have been able to resolve their tax issues with an offer in compromise. You too can take advantage of this, especially if you have been through some hard times or emergencies (earthquake, hurricane, fire, medical emergencies, etc.).

The relief is protected by strict regulations and qualifications depend on various factors which include your gross monthly income, regular expenses, how much you owe, the interest rates and many more. But if you are qualified, you may be able to save as much as 95 percent. Give us a call today and we can discuss your qualifications for this and how much we can help you save, if you are qualified.

Getting Out of Paying Penalties and Interest

We have established that your debts will not get rid of it if you do nothing about it. In fact, it will double itself. This will happen because the IRS will continue to tack penalties and interests on it.

If you are already in the scary situation in which your debt has multiplied because of the penalties and interests added to it by the IRS, today is your lucky day because we have been able to always get such penalties and interests removed. It should be good to know that you can actually pay only the amount you owed after we have taken care of the penalties and interests for you.

Business Issues

Sometimes your tax debts are not just on your income, but also on your business. We have been able to help several businesses out of their tax debts. Some of our regular clients are Franchise businesses, Laborers and construction, freelancers and small businesses. We have helped them get penalties and interests removed along with battles with audit and even file their back tax returns so that they can claim all their refunds.

Give us a call today and together we can rescue your business.

Working on Negotiating Installment Agreements

May be you have been thinking that if you can just have a payment schedule for your back tax debts, things will be better. You are actually right; things will be better. More so, after we have been able to get the reductions you deserve for you.

We do this every time. We help people into programs in which they do not have to pay all their tax debts at once, but overtime. They can continue to make small and regular payments on their back tax and before you know it, they are out of debts. You too can benefit from this program. You can pay your debts completely and still have some money in your pocket to take care of your living expenses.

Stopping the Garnishments From Your Paychecks

When you have a garnish on your income, your employer or whoever is in-charge of your pay slip will have to make some regular deductions from your income to settle the tax debts. This will be a mandate from the IRS that they cannot afford to neglect without getting sanctioned.

It is different from installment agreement in that you do not have any control over the amount that is deducted and things can get worse that you are unable to cater to other living expenses.

You owe it to yourself to call us, so we can help you get the garnish removed and negotiate a suitable relief for you.

Tax Liens and Bank Levies

You may not be able to take solace in your properties for a long time, if you are unable to take care of your tax debts and if you are not doing anything about it. IRS can place a lien on any of your properties. In this case, you lose legal ownership of such properties till you have paid all your back taxes. So, don’t wait before you start tackling with your tax issues.

And if your properties are already placed under lien, give us a call today and we can help get it removed. We do this frequently. Who says you can’t pay your debts and still maintain the ownership of your properties at the same time?

Tax debts do not help your reputation in any way, in fact they damage it. You owe it to yourself and your future to get rid of them. Give us a call today and we can get the processes that will see you out of debts started. You deserve to be happy, so go for it. Go for your happiness. We’ve got your back.

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How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

You can remove your Tax Debt by asking for additional time to pay. You can request to pay what you owe. Pay by debit card or credit card. You may have a credit card that offers a lower rate, maybe a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can't borrow from your IRA, but did you understand that if you want to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days to do this? In effect, this is the same as a 60 day loan.

What Do Tax Lawyers Do for You?

Tax attorneys in the Pittsburgh area allow you to solve your tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service simply because they specialize in the minutiae of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. They supply advice in the areas of estate planning, trusts, tax disputes, and company tax law, especially on complicated legal problems. Lawyers are powerful negotiators who construct arguments which best support a position that is desirable and analyze case facts in light of the law. They can use the court system in ways that provide leverage in resolving tax cases.

Can Tax Debt Be Included in a Chapter 13?

How a tax debt will probably be treated in Chapter 13 bankruptcy depends on whether it's a priority or non-priority tax obligation. Priority tax debts aren't dischargeable in bankruptcy and you need to pay them off in full through your Chapter 13 repayment plan. In comparison, non-precedence tax obligations are treated the same as your other general unsecured debts (like charge cards and medical bills) and wiped out when you receive your discharge. Most taxes are considered priority debts in bankruptcy. Therefore, you can not remove them merely by receiving a discharge and filing for bankruptcy. Should you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Pittsburgh, you should pay off your priority tax debts in full through your repayment plan.

How Do I Negotiate Sales Tax Debt with the IRS?

You can negotiate sales Tax Debt by contacting the IRS. The IRS will likely have contacted you already, by mail, to collect the full amount you owe. Call that individual, and make sure you have all their correspondence and your tax documents prepared. Ask for an Offer in Compromise. The IRS representative will help you determine if you're qualified for an Offer in Compromise, which will settle your tax debt for less than that which you owe.

Does Tax Debt Go On Your Credit Report?

Owing the IRS your credit report does not automatically affect. But you decide to pay your taxes does, and unpaid taxes may impact your credit too. For instance, in the event you owe $10,000 or more the IRS will automatically file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, which will appear on your credit reports as a severely adverse item. (It is in the same class as a repossession or court judgments in Pennsylvania.) and/or state local taxing authorities might file tax liens. It may limit your capability to get credit once the IRS files a Notice of a Federal Tax Lien against you. And should you file for bankruptcy, lien and your tax debt may continue.

Does Tax Debt Affect My Credit Rating?

When you don't pay a commercial debt, such as a loan obligation, your lender reports the neglected payment to the credit bureaus. A tax debt isn't a cause for immediate panic since federal law prohibits the government or Pennsylvania from reporting your tax debt to the credit bureaus. If you don't make arrangements to resolve your tax debt, nevertheless, your state (Pennsylvania) and federal governments have the right to file a tax lien against you. A tax lien provides the government the right to seize your assets in lieu of payment. A tax lien is a public record. As such, it is going to appear on your own credit report thus this will impact your credit rating.

Is Tax Debt Reported on the Public Record?

Tax Debt could be reported on the public record. There are only three kinds of public records that appear in a credit report, all of them. Bankruptcy is the most clear. It's a legal proceeding under which a person is provided relief from debts they're unable to pay. This results most commonly from failure to pay your taxes. Uncle Sam is seriously interested in getting his taxes. An outstanding tax lien on your Pittsburgh property will stay on a credit history for up to 10 years from the filing date. A paid tax lien is deleted seven years from the date it is paid.

Where Do I Send my Offer in Compromise Payments?

There are just two alternatives for where to mail the OIC Holtsville, NY or Memphis, TN. As you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you would send your offer to Holtsville. Pay the full quantity of the Offer in Compromise over the remaining life on the set statute of limitations. You may set a lump sum payment due within 90 days, and then monthly installment payments for the balance of the collection interval. This 10-year interval might have been expanded or frozen by various actions taken by the Internal Revenue Service or by the citizen.

Can My Tax Debt be Forgiven?

Yes, your Tax Debt may be forgiven, but the tax impact of debt forgiveness or cancellation will depend on your own individual facts and conditions. Typically, should you borrow money from a Pennsylvania and the lender after cancels or forgives the debt, you might need to include the cancelled amount in income for tax purposes. The lending company is normally required to report the amount of the canceled debt to you personally as well as the IRS on a Form 1099-C, Cancellation of Debt. There are several exclusions to the taxability of cancelled debt, for example bankruptcy or insolvency.

Are Tax Lawyer Feeds Tax Deductible?

It's usually uncommon to take tax deductions from the attorney's fees. The rule of thumb is straightforward enough: You can deduct your Pittsburgh attorney's fees you pay for when you are trying to assist in deciding, gathering or getting a refund of any tax or collect taxable income, or to create. Basically, you can take a deduction should you require a lawyer's help to make money you need to pay taxes on, like representing you in an IRS audit, or if an attorney helped you with a tax matter. If the legal fees are connected to taxes or income that is taxable, you can take a tax write-off.